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Caribbean Talks

Caribbean Talks is a new online show that encourages dialogue and highlights topical issues that are important to people in the Caribbean.

This 1-hour talk show highlights Caribbean music, lifestyle, health, fashion and topical conversations that share the uniqueness and the interest of what it means to live and be in the Caribbean.

Join the Caribbean conversation live on Caribbean Insight Facebook Page every Thursday at 5pm AST.

Catch Up on Past Episodes!

Past Events

Media and Women Empowerment
Does media already empower women globally?

View the discussion on Youtube.
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Hospitality Storytelling

Week 1:Content is King

Week 2: Find Your Passion and Voice

Week 3: The Guest is the Hero

Week 4: Marketing is Queen

How to Talk With Confidence
How to Master Communication
Learn about the power of storytelling and how you can apply it to your brand. Here are some of the things that will be covered:⠀
- How to persuade your listeners, be it investors, employees or clients⠀
- How to inspire people when talking about your brand's mission⠀
- How to create a powerful brand story⠀

By the end of this workshop, you will have your company's (or personal) brand story ready to be shared with the world!⠀

This workshop is best for entrepreneurs, top company management & PR, start-up founders and professionals wanting to develop their company's / personal brand.
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